TV Review: Titans (2018 -)

titansMy first introduction to the Teen Titans was the Cartoon Network animated series of the same name released during the year 2003. A couple of years back, my niece and nephew told me about how they were loving Teen Titans. And I thought great! I loved that show! But it turned out, it was not my Teen Titans, but a completely new iteration. Teen Titans Go! Aptly named because it does feel like you are being bellowed at. The colors are loud, and the comedy sillier. A far cry from the 2003 version. It has been such a success that is spawned a movie adaptation called Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018). But I am not here to talk about that. This is merely to illustrate the surge of popularity of this band of superheroes to the point that DC made Titans (2018) to be the show to launch the DC Universe streaming service. So is this show worthy of the faith  the studio has put forth on its shoulders?

Weeeeell. I finished it. It is at best, patchy. It is obvious from the tone of the first episode that it wants to veer away from the fun and light shows DC is known for. And I don’t mind the grim and gray color scheme even though this is clearly not something you would expect of Teen Titans. But then again they are also not in their teens, except Raven (and Beast Boy?). So there’s that. Anyway, I don’t mind the dark tone, what I do mind is the gratuitous violence. Our heroes seem to run into a lot of douche bags and women victims. In the woods, the streets, in bars. I mean sure, the world is indeed full of jerks. But the jerks and the women victims here are unjustifiably written into the script for the mere purpose of seeing our heroes let it rip. People get charred, balls are stabbed with garden shears, rednecks get pummeled, rapists get their just deserts! Kapow! I mean of course, we live for superheroes giving jerks their comeuppance. But there was just too much of it to the point that it felt repetitive drag. Besides these violent fight scenes aren’t even that fancy to warrant their being too much of.

The story can be a little frustrating with the backstories seemingly going off on a tangent. And there are episodes where nothing much happens, at least nothing that I find that work towards the advancement of the plot. But there are sparks of potential here and there. I loved the Doom Patrol episode, and lo and behold, there is actually a Doom Patrol spinoff! I think the Starfire story has promise. And Donna Troy is someone I would love to see more of. And I do love the whole cast. I think they are great actors, one and all.

Like I said I don’t mind “dark”. Titans problem is more the fact that it is an uneven show. But it has potential, I’ll give it that. Although I will be honest that a part of me wishes this to be as goofy and funny and silly as the cartoons. Like say, a Brooklyn Nine-Nine kinda thing, but with a squad of superheroes! Make this happen! But anyway, I sure hope they work out the kinks in season 2 and hopefully we will get a show that feels more confident and less unsure of it self.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

3 thoughts on “TV Review: Titans (2018 -)

  1. Ah well, I’m a huge fan of the original Teen Titans cartoon as well and was looking forward to watching Titans, even though the casting choices had me annoyed. But after reading your review I think I might hold it out for a while.
    Though, have you seen Krypton ? Or are you planning on watching/reviewing it anytime soon ?

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    • Hi Harsimar! I haven’t seen Krypton. Is it any good? I haven’t quite explored the DC tv world. I enjoyed The Flash (but I still have a lot to catch up on, like three seasons more. Haha. Have you seen this?) And I recently tried Legends of Tomorrow, But I don’t know, I am not quite feeling it. Although two episodes might just be too early to tell. Right now, I am watching Netflix’s Umbrella Academy. Well, it’s not DC, but for now this is my superhero fix. And I am quite enjoying its weirdness. 😊


      • Hi! I just started Krypton today and I can’t judge it on the first episode but it does seem good so far.

        Haha I’ve got like a lot to catch up on The Flash too, I remember leaving it someplace in Season 1, don’t even remember the episode!

        I’ve heard a lot about Umbrella Academy, it does seem intriguing!


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