Mini Reviews #14: Isn’t It Romantic (2019) And Breaker Upperers (2018)

Netflix has been blazing the trail in bringing back what has been referred to as a dying genre: the romcom, via the method of producing a lot of it And by a lot, I mean A LOT. Christmas, Valentine’s, coming of age romcoms….you name it, they got it. I am not sure if this method does wonders for the said genre because they do put out a lot of bad ones, perhaps more than the good ones. But it certainly does bring in viewers. Because come on, we do love a good bad romcom, don’t we?

Isn’t It Romantic (2019)


Isn’t It Romantic promises to be a romcom satire of sorts. It pokes fun at romcom conventions with a self-aware wink-wink at the camera. It works only because Rebel Wilson is such a “beguiling” comedic actress. But without her, the movie’s satirical take is quite flimsy. It talks about things we already know of the genre. And ultimately ending up giving me mixed messages. We ladies, should love ourselves first but actually…yeah there is a BUT ACTUALLY. Like I said the success of this movie relies heavily on Wilson’s capable shoulders. Yes, it is a lot of fun. Wilson’s character, Natalie, gets thrust into all sorts of romcom conventions that she detests. And she is very charming and relatable as a heroine. And while I am a fan of big-ass musical numbers, that last one, while the cast looked like they were enjoying themselves very much, was a tad unnecessary.  Cut to the next morning, Isn’t It Romantic is something you think happened but your memory seems fuzzy.

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Breaker Upperers (2019)


Breaker Upperers seems like the kind of movie made just for me. Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek’s brand of comedy is so like Taika Waititi’s, as to be uncanny. This prompts me to ask if Kiwis really have this strange kind of humor? Plus, cynical romcoms are kinda my fave. Breaker Upperers takes a unique premise of having two besties creating an agency that gets paid to break up couples. No longer happy in a one-sided relationship? Want to be free of your boyfriend but do not want to do the dirty work? Give Breaker Upperers a call! Their methods are definitely debatable, but hey they get the job done. Up until their own, old issues resurface that questions the true purpose of their business and most importantly questions their friendship. It has plenty of silly, and goofy physical comedy, and hilarious dialogue delivered in the most deadpan way possible, and I mean that in a good way. And I love how the females take center stage in this. Aside from our two leads, the supporting female cast outnumber the male. And they have the most memorable and funniest supporting ladies, from the grieving girlfriend Anna, to the angry girlfriend Sepa, to the sexually active mum. And not since Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph did I love a pair of besties in a movie. As much as romcom is a dying genre, so is the female buddy comedy. The movie is not without faults though as it does lose some steam near the end, when I was hoping for a less shiny and more realistic conclusion.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews #14: Isn’t It Romantic (2019) And Breaker Upperers (2018)

    • You should! I had issues with the ending, so that pulled my rating down in the end. But I would love to hear what you make of it. 🙂 As for Isn’t It Romantic, yeah, I wasn’t quite into it as I’d hope I’d be. Wanted something moar. 😀


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