Review: Captain Marvel (2019)


We all know there is a lot riding on Captain Marvel. The MCU’s first female-fronted superhero film, ever. And this film has had it rough, with trolls review-bombing it with fake negative reviews even before it got released. But Captain Marvel won’t be brought down and has since been enjoying the number one spot in the box office.

Now if you were to ask me where Captain Marvel ranks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I would say, somewhere in the middle. I think I enjoyed this more than I did Ant-Man and The Wasp, and all the other Thors prior to the excellent, Thor: Ragnarok, and The Incredible Hulk was just the pits. Anyway, let’s talk about Captain Marvel!

Now I keep hearing about how Brie Larson is just a slab of cold stoicism in this movie, to which I vehemently disagree. In the beginning of the movie Captain Marvel doesn’t know who she is, and perhaps that is the reason why people think she is devoid of emotions. On one hand when you do not know who you are, it doesn’t presuppose that you are cold and emotionless. So no, I do not think she lacked emotions. I think she showed her personality from the get go. A brash, go-getter, and tough as nails gal, who answers to no one. And I enjoyed Brie Larson’s portrayal of this Carol Danvers. Second I love young Nick Fury. He’s all jokey and thangs! A far cry from cynical, hard-core, old Nick Fury. Third, I love love Ben Mendelsohn. I think they should give him more comedic roles from here on out. Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau is a also quite a character who proves to be an equal match to Carol Danver’s awesomeness.

As far or origin stories go, Captain Marvel is still pretty much a by the book origin story. Perhaps the fact that we go in and out of her past (flashbacks here and there), so that it takes a while for us to piece her whole story together, adds a little something something to how it is told. But part from that, it is standard superhero origin fare. I’d have to say that I enjoyed the dramatic scenes a great deal. It was well-written and well-performed. The action sequences were forgettable though. And while I love it when Captain Marvel lights up like a Christmas Lantern, the CGI fight sequences are nothing we’ve not seen before. And while I am all for the female empowerment going on in this movie, it will not change your life. It is a superhero movie first. I know feminism is a tricky issue, and one that I have little knowledge of. But sometimes we have to be careful with our labels. Because we tend to get a lot of movies showing an “on-the-surface” feminism. A  view where females who can throw an uppercut and a roundhouse kick, or females who are super career-driven are called feminists. Anyone who wears a power suit (both the fabric and the armor variety) is a feminist, and those who chose a life of marriage are cop outs. When feminism should be about females being free to pursue whatever their hearts may desire, whether it be a career, or a life as a superhero, or marriage. I am digging myself into a hole, aren’t I? Let’s just say, yes this movie is empowering to females, but I hope that young girls won’t see feminism as limited to only what this movie suggests.

Anyway, Captain Marvel is a good movie. It isn’t great, but it is not nearly as bad as the trolls make it our to be. I had fun. It has some great dramatic scenes, and a handful of comedic moments from a delightful young Nick Fury, an equally delightful Skrull, and the now infamous Goose the cat. It is worth your time, I promise.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Watch this if:

  1. Cats make up your life.
  2. You like to see Ben Mendelsohn in something other than…well, I’d rather not give things away.
  3. You want to see a groovy, chill Nick Fury.
  4. You want to know how he (Nick Fury) lost his eye. (I know you do)
  5. You miss Phil Coulson.
  6. You want a break from all the male dominated MCU movies.
  7. You want to see Brie Larson kick some serious ass, and not be emotionless. XD
  8. You love the 90s.

2 thoughts on “Review: Captain Marvel (2019)

  1. Young Nick Fury was so much fun! I really, really enjoyed his character.
    I’m definitely game for more comedic roles for Ben Mendelsohn, he surprised me in this movie.
    Brie Larson is amazing, and I loved her Carol Danvers. I can’t wait to see her with the other Avengers!

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