Review: Triple Frontier (2019)


Triple Frontier (2019) boasts a talented and extremely good-looking set of actors, all of which have achieved massive star power with their filmography. Oscar Isaac has never disappointed me. He nails every role he is given. I still cannot forget how excellent Garrett Hedlund is in Mudbound. And I am still bummed that Charlie Hunnam did not come back for Pacific Rim 2. And who could forget Ben Affleck? Okay fine, Batman vs Superman wasn’t all that hot, but he is excellent in The Town. And then for the GoT fans out there, Oberyn Martell is in the house!

But a star-studded cast doesn’t mean a movie will turn out great. See Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. On second thought don’t see them. Just take my word for it. With Triple Frontier, I am in a bit of a toss.

The movie is pretty much your average heist movie, with an average plot. They go on a heist, the heist goes awry due to greed, bad luck, and/or good ol’ stupidity. It has some tension and thrill, but nothing we have not seen before. The drug dealer’s house has no safe. Ugh! We’ve been had! Says the the fabulous five. But surprise, surprise, the walls are stuffed with cash! “The house IS the safe!” Says Ben Affleck’s Tom “Redfly” Davis. Being in the Special Forces clearly made him miss out on every drug cartel movie ever made. And then one of them starts whooping like one of those amateur thieves on Caugh on Cam. Yes, there are some scenarios that make you question whether these men were indeed part of an Elite Special Mission Unit of the United States Army. But they look so darned good doing it, you willingly suspend one’s critical faculties. But much like the question of whether or not we should go looking for legit Science in Superhero movies, how much realism should we demand of action thriller films? 

It is hard to overlook though the poor characterization. The boys flip flop between being bad guys to good guys to bad guys and back, that I cannot make heads or tails who they are. They are sometimes incorruptible, upstanding men and sometimes greedy crooks, depending on the time of day. And because I cannot entirely know who these boys are, this make it hard for me to root for them. The movie has plenty of inconsistencies that can seem jarring if you don’t shut off your brain. But if you are willing, you can turn it off, and just enjoy the eye-candy. And a few thrills and chills here and there. I cannot say that I am not disappointed because look at this darned cast. Not only are they gorgeous hunks of beef, they are talented actors as well. But the story falls short of what these boys can do.

Rating:2.5/5 Stars

Watch this if:

  1. You want to see a bit of Sad Affleck once more.
  2. You want to see some good-looking men, being all grunty and manly.
  3. You miss Garret Hedlund’s singing.
  4. You want to see a Gingerbread House but with money! (This does not make sense at all)

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