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It all began with books where we have ceased to be in the six degrees of separation statistic. It was literature that brought us together, but the cinema isn’t far behind. “What about movies?” is a question that came up in our numerous book-centric conversations. What about movies indeed?

To address this we decided to create a hobby blog that shares our collective love of the cinematic arts, as well as feed our ever-growing interest in film. We dish out unwanted opinions, couched in the form of reviews, lists, Q&As, recommendations and feature commentary to anyone who would have the misfortune of slipping on the mind barf that is this blog.

Come one, come all!

Because if there is anything we love more than movies, it’s the people who love them and aren’t afraid to admit it.

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What About Us?

Pru has been diagnosed with terminal existential crisis and is finding the answer to life, the universe and everything by consuming an assortment of movies from box office hits to independent films. She aspires to be a reincarnated Time Lord (but is amenable to being a companion), an unpaid intern on team Zissou, and an honorary Serenity crew member. She has a special fondness for the movies of Wes Anderson, The Coen Brothers and Edgar Wright.

Lily’s life has always included movies but a sudden increase in exposure to the film buff species caused her interest to spike at high levels. She consumes every and any genre in her path, especially musicals and music-themed films, but she has yet to conquer horror. She is particularly keen in covering the filmography of Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as directors Richard Linklater and Christopher Nolan.

Fern is a late bloomer. Growing up, she didn’t join her father and siblings in watching the latest available VHS unless it’s about Disney princesses or dogs playing basketball. It was not until college that she saw the merits of film and appreciated the wide spectrum of emotions it allowed her to feel. Now, she keeps a record of movies watched, attends film festivals in the city whenever she could, and aims to be a Woody Allen completist.

Kitty was raised in a movie-loving cattery. Some of her fondest memories include either film scene reenactments or outrageous belting of movie soundtracks. She has a penchant for the works of Alfonso Cuaron, David Fincher and Mr. Spielberg; indulges her young-adultness through animated films; and gleans vicarious pleasure from musicals, romantic comedies, war & historical epics, “slice of life” films and psychological thrillers.

Benny hates talking in the third person but he loves movies. His goal is to watch as many esoteric films as he can yet not be a douchebag and still enjoy mainstream and blockbuster films. His Mount Everest is the film Satantango, a 7-hour film directed by noted Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr based on the book by Hungary’s preeminent novelist, László Krasznahorkai.

Bliss sold her soul to the cinema when she saw Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech. She watches a variety of genres but is partial to biopics, historical films and Colin Firth. She is also known for trading a restful slumber for an all night TV series binge-watching.

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